Thursday, November 10, 2016

Core De Force: Week One Reveiw

WOW! One week is OFFICIALLY done from Core De Force, and let me tell you --- I am a BELIEVER.

I will be the first to admit, I was a true skeptic --- I love lifting weights; cardio is NOT my thing.

My before pictures.
But after one week, I am officially putting the weights back on the rack and TRUSTING the process of this body weight resistance workout.

After one week, I am down TWO pounds and I am down a 1/2 inch off of my waist! CRAZY!! I will take my FINAL measurements at the 30 day mark, but I was feeling smaller and I had to bust out the tape measure a BIT early for my waist :)

While these workouts are a bit longer than what I have been used to, they are testing me in ways that I never imagined and I am working my muscles in a WHOLE new way.

Here are my thoughts on the workouts completed so far:

Day One -- MMA Speed 
I had done this workout as a sneak peek and it was still challenging on day one. This workout was all about punches and kicks. My shoulders and back were on fire the next day. 27 minutes long and I was DRENCHED at the end.

Day Two --- Dynamic Strength
My main squeeze and me after MMA Speed
I always watch a new workout the day before --- I put it on in the background as I'm doing dishes, etc. And this workout intimidated me. It was 47 minutes long and it was low impact, but HIGH intensity. A ton of different variations on pushups --- and my core was burning the whole time. 12 rounds of body resistance will do that to you!

Day Three --- MMA Speed
I welcomed the familiarity of this workout and I was able to push HARDER through the 6 rounds. Since the moves started to become more natural, I was able to really develop them and get an incredible burn and sweat in.

Day Four --- Power Sculpt

Matt joined me for this workout and it was AWESOME!! Lots of body weight resistance and it left both of us DRENCHED at the end!

Day Five --- MMA Shred
This format was similar to MMA Speed, but a little longer of a workout at 36 minutes. It was an amazing burn and I am already surprised at my stamina as we go through the three minute rounds. They introduced elbows and snap kicks in this workout --- and I am STILL shocked at how my muscles are reacting!

Day Six --- Dynamic Strength
This workout was just as hard the second time --- but I was able to do more pushups and modify less. I was able to engage my core more and do some of the advanced moves --- sphynx pushups WILL be mastered by me!

Day Seven --- Active Recover

Lunch -- Turkey Burger, Balsamic Asparagus, Feta
I was SO excited for this workout --- 21 minutes long and so needed after a great week of workouts. For the first half, it is a slowed down kicks and punches which let me really focus on form. Then, 10 minutes of much needed stretching!

All in all, the workouts have been challenging, but not to the point of frustration. Joel and Jericho do an AMAZING job at breaking down the moves and the modifier is TOP NOTCH! Love it so far and I am ready to tackle week two!

Now, we all know that the results that I am experiencing are TRULY coming from my nutrition! You can't out work a bad diet!

The meal plan is very similar to the 21 Day Fix meal plan and it is second nature to me to just do this meal plan, no questions asked. One thing that I made sure to do was put a protein in the stretch between lunch and dinner for a snack --- it keeps me less hangry and hen EVERYONE is happy ;)

Here is my meal plan from week one:

Week One Meal Plan, Bracket A

All in all, I am EXCITED about the next three weeks and I cannot wait to snap those final after pictures.

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