Monday, November 21, 2016

2016 Holiday BLOWOUT Sale!

Is anyone else a huge SUCKER for sales? I know I am for sure! Then, when it is health and fitness related, I am ALL about it.

Beachbody's Holiday Sale is going on NOW. (I've already stocked up on some great things, at great prices!) Beachbody has put some of their best products, programs and supplements on sale for up to 77% off. You know I never make a post about "salesy" things, but I don't want to you miss out on these deals!

A Word of Advice: These things will sell out FAST. So if you're even thinking of it, you gotta make your decision quickly.

Over the next few hours, everything will be going live on the site --- so keep checking back! :)

Check out the graphic below for WHAT is on sale!

That's a lot to choose from, right? So what do I suggest?

The 21 Day Fix Meal Prep Pack is a GREAT deal!! It will bundle together a large light blue container (for holding salads, etc), color coded pre-portioned containers, a 21 Day Fix Tote, and the FIXATE cookbook. This is PERFECT for some variety in your diet and it is at a great bargain!

If you are an Autumn Calabrese fan and are ready for an extreme program, then DEFINITELY pick up The Master's Hammer and Chisel --- it will sculpt and tone your body in ways you never though possible!

Also, ChaLEAN Extreme is an amazing program to really TONE UP!

I will definitely have a Shakeology Storage Canister in my cart! While the bags work just fine, this stores in my pantry SO much easier and I'm a total sucker for ANYTHING organization ;)

My final recommendation would for a workout program is a lower intensity and impact -- Turbo Jam. it got me through my pregnancy with Harrison and I absolutely recommend it!

Really, you can't go wrong with anything, but I'm telling you, stuff will go quickly. These things would make great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, you name it! :)

If you already have a Beachbody Coach, please get in contact with them about the Sale items. If you do not have a coach I am more than willing to help and guide you make your fitness goals a reality. 

The holidays are here and if you want a more personalized approach and some help kicking off your goals and maintaining through the Holiday season, please get in touch with me and we will get you squared away with a program that is best for YOU.

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