Saturday, October 24, 2015

What is Coaching on Classically Fit?

When I joined my first challenge group, I was ready to make a big change in my life --- I was so tired of feeling disappointed when I looked into the mirror or when I went shopping and clothes did not fit. I wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same; and the drive was there to make it happen!

In my first week of my challenge group I lost 4 pounds --- something it took me 4 months to lose before. So what was I doing wrong? I had no support and I had NO clue about nutrition. My challenge group gave me both of those things and success was instantly achieved.

By the end of that challenge group -- down a total of 6 pounds and 7 inches, I wanted to shout it from the rooftop about what I was doing and the success I was having. Coaching was the next step --- I was ready to HELP others have the same success as me. I felt SO darn good that I wanted others to experience it too.

When I agreed to coach, I had NO idea that in just 15 months I would be able to create a full blown business from my kitchen table during my daughter's naps.

In just 15 months, I have fully replaced my full time teaching salary, pay for our mortgage and car payment every month, and I have helped many people not only on their health and fitness journey, but also build their own successful business!

On my team, I have dialed in training groups that allow you to be confident in building your business. I share with you my tips, tricks, and ways to be successful! I will not leave you floundering and I will do everything I can to help you build a successful business.

If you are at ALL interested in what I do as a coach, how I make money, how I find people, how I make full time earnings on a part time workload, then please email me at

I have a 5 Day Sneak Peek into WHAT I do as a coach that I would LOVE to have you be a part of. I will answer all of your questions and let you see into my organization and HOW I run my team.

Shoot me over an email. What do you have to lose? But more importantly -- what are you willing to GAIN?

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