Thursday, October 30, 2014

My 3 Day Refresh

This past Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I took the plunge and completed the 3-Day-Refresh. It had been something that I had been kicking around for quite some time and I was so glad to finally go all in. My husband had just gotten home from being out of town for about a month and we had eaten out literally every night! The refresh came at such a good time and I was ready to get the "bloat" off and jump over my weight loss plateau that I had been hanging out on for awhile.

So what is the 3-Day-Refresh?
The Refresh is a cleanse from the Beachbody company. It is designed to be a healthy cleanse. So many cleanses on the market, such as a juice cleanse, are not healthy! With the refresh, you are giving your body nutrients and are cleansing at the same time. It is a healthy cleanse that will still give you nutrients while achieving rapid weight loss.

What comes with the 3-Day-Refresh?
The Refresh comes with the following:

  • 3 Packets of Shakeology
  • 6 Packets of Vanilla Fresh
  • 3 Packets of Fiber Sweep
  • 1 Program Guide and Nutrition Manual
So how the heck do I do this??
The program guid maps out exactly how and when to use each of the products listed above. For breakfast you have Shakeology and a fruit option. You use the fiber sweep as a morning snack with water. For lunch you have a vanilla fresh, water, a fruit option, a veggie option, and a healthy fat option. For dinner you have a vanilla fresh and one of the yummy dinners outlined in the program guide. The Refresh really takes you back to the basics. You are not allowed to have anything processed, canned, or sweetened. You cut out the junk to really let your body lose the bloat.

My Results:
After my 3-Day-Refresh, I lost a total of 4.4 pounds. Don't get me wrong, that weight loss was great! But I couldn't get over how I feel! My bloat is totally gone and my sugar and carb cravings are definitely curbed! I also found that when I got a little hungry, it was also time to eat! I was able to continue my normal workout routine with no problems, but of course if you have issues, you can definitely stop your workouts during your refresh.

Day one was pretty easy for me! I felt like I was still living off of my weekend splurges. I was diligent and stuck to the plan.

Day two was a little harder. I was craving carbs. BAD. The evenings were the hardest for me because I still had to make dinner for my family! Again, I persevered, and stuck with it.

Day three was hard too, but not as hard as day two. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I could already felt better! The way I was feeling was the motivation to keep going.

So how often can I do this?
You can safely do the 3-Day-Refresh once per month. It is the perfect thing to keep you on track!

If you want added support, I want you to join my 3 Day Refresh and 30 Day Clean Eating Group. I will help you get through your Refresh and get you squared away with clean eating so that you can maintain your Refresh results. 

With the holidays coming up, it is so easy to put our health on the back burner until the New Year. Let's get it under control now so that we can ring in the New Year feeling better, not bloated ;)

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